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Products & Services: Marriage Consultants
Address: Ga-14/A, Khan Mansion, 5th Floor, Progati Sarani, Shahjadpur Bus Stand,Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.
City: Dhaka
Phone: +8801727209497, +8801817526423
Desc: AnNur Islamic Marriage Media - An institute for finding your perfect match mate of Saheeh Aqeeda.

"This world is nothing but temporary conveniences, and the greatest joy in this world is a righteous woman." (Bukharee & Musleem)

Terms and Conditions to get Membership

We do work for brothers and sisters of Deen who:
• Who are not follower/ mureed of any Peer.
• Who does not visit any kind of shrine or place of Bida’ah.
• Who does not use any amulet/ Tameemah/ Taweez.
• Who are regular in their Salaah.
• Who don’t support/ take any kind of dowry.
• Who earn their livelihood in halal way.
• Who follows Shaheeh Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) who wants to marry in accordance to the Islamic Shari'ah.
• Who wants to avoid wedding arrangements those are against Islamic culture.

We also work for divorced, separated, widowed, aged brothers and sisters.
Our another concern is pre and post marriage counseling.


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