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Category: Consultancy & Construction

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Company Name:
Products & Services: Consultancy
Address: House No. 25, (Level-5) Road No. 2, Sector No. 11, Uttara
City: Dhaka
Phone: +880 (2) 8991251
Fax: +880 (2) 8991252
Desc: Desh Consultants (Pvt) Limited, Bangladesh is an independent, multidisciplinary and leading consulting firms based in Bangladesh starting with a number of young highly qualify technical professionals. It was started on January in the year 1994 as Desh Engineering Consultant Limited and then in the year 2014 it renamed as DeshConsultants (Pvt) Limited, (Deshcon).

Deshcon provided technical and management services to all major development sectors encompassing both public and private sector development activities. It offers comprehensive services in areas including identification, planning design, implementation, management, technology transfer, institution and capacity building, out sourcing professionals and sub-professional to GOB, private sectors and international agencies, and human resource development. Over the past decades the firm as provided consultancy services in various agency including LGED, R&H, BWDB, WASA, DPHE, etc

The company is able to offer the highest level of consultancy services in the field of commercial building, market, rural and urban infrastructure, small and large water resources development, rural development, agriculture, education, fisheries and livestock, human resources development and training, etc. All the Consultants employed by the company are highly qualified and vastly experienced in their own particular field expertise.


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